Basic Drumming Tips for All Drummers

Beginner Drum TipsWhen I look back over my drumming career, I wish I had some of the tips that I am going to share with you when first starting out.  Not all tips are for everyone and take what you need and leave the rest behind.  In the video’s you find below there will be things that most drummers have internalized.  The tips may seem simple but it might be time that you take a look at them and see where you are.

Five Beginner Drumming Techniques Video

One of the most important tips in this video is on how to hold your drumsticks.  It is easy to overlook and can cause bad habits over time.  Make sure to place it in your hand correctly and place your fingers in the correct position.  Another thing to consider is playing with your wrists instead of your entire arm.  When you play from your wrists you will have more endurance and won’t get worn out so easily.

Having a good warm-up routine is crucial.  Here are some beginner exercise lessons that will get you in the right frame of mind before you play your set.  We have also included some videos on stretching before you play.  Both are a huge part of drumming and will help you reduce the risk of injury.  The worst thing any drummer can experience is a long term injury.  Be safe and warm-up/stretch!

Learning some basics beats will help you if you have a drum set.  I know some of you may only have a practice pad but I still recommend watching this video for some easy beats on the drum kit.

Easy Starting Points on the Drums

Starting from the beginning I would take a second look at how you are holding your drum sticks as well as some of the posture you hold while playing the drums.  It is the easy things that can make the largest difference in your drum playing.  Also having and easy warm-up routine with stretching will make it much easier for you to play as well as reduce the risk of injury.  I am going to include other videos below for you to watch and if I have missed anything, leave a comment below and keep practicing the drum set on a regular basis.

Videos on Basic Drum Playing:

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