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How to Setup Your Cymbals Ergonomically

How To Play The Multiple Bounce Roll

One of the essential drum rudiments for a drummer is the multiple bounce roll, and the fact that it is used in a variety of musical genres make it extremely attractive. Though the multiple bounce roll is associated with the sound of …
Wrapping your drum sticks with tape

Finding The Best Tape for Your Drumsticks

All the interaction in a drumming set happens through your drumstick, and therefore feeling at ease with the stick is important. Drumsticks slowly wear and tear. Maintenance requires a lot of care during practice and performance. This trickles down to having a …
Metal Drummers Stick Guide

Picking The Best Drum Sticks for Metal

As a drummer, you tend to play a wide variety of instruments, just like a painter uses a variety of brushes and tools in his/her arsenal. You should employ various kinds of sticks to get different effects. Like other things in the …