Stretch and Warmup Guide for Drummers

Stretching Before DrummingThis is probably one of the most overlooked things that beginner drummers will do.  It isn’t until most drummers injure themselves that they take the time to warm up and stretch correctly.   This guide will be simple and include videos on how to stretch and do practices to get you started.  If you are looking for a beginners guide to drumming we recommend you start here.

Getting Started With the Warm-Up

Before stretching, it is a good idea to get the blood flowing in your body.  My recommendation would be to start with your practice pad and find a place to warm up.  Remember, you are not practicing yet and will need to do easy exercises only.  What I start with are basic rudiments that I can play from memory for about 5-15 minutes depending on how I am feeling.  After I feel warmed up, I move on to some basic stretches which are included in the videos below.  You want to focus on all body parts when stretching and depending on how loose I feel, I will spend anywhere from 5-15 minutes stretching as well.

Video on how to get Warmed-Up before stretching:

Videos on how to stretch before drumming:

Find the Warm-Up that Works for You

It is ok to try different warm ups before you play on a regular basis, any rudiment will work as long as you are not straining to play it.  There are also so many stretches out there that you can learn.  All you have to do is pick stretches that work for you.  If it doesn’t work, set it aside.  The most important thing is to make sure to reduce the risk of injury.  An injury will put you behind where you would be if you just stretched.  Another huge benefit of warming up and stretching is that you will notice a large difference in how you play.  My performance always improves when I take the time to do this before having a good practice session or concert.  Have fun with this and as always, be safe!

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