Ultimate Drummers Guides and Videos

As I make more and more articles for this website, I realize I really don’t have a good starting place for drummers.  So, this article will be more of a living document that I will add to over time and put more links on so you can navigate through this website more easily.

I have included everything from videos to drum rudiments below in each table.  I will do my best to separate each section from beginner to more advance subjects. If you feel something is missing then please feel free to leave a comment below.

Ultimate Drummers Guide and Videos

Brand New to Drumming and Equipment

This area is if you are brand new to drumming.  This will guide you through the steps of picking out your first drumstick and even what a drum stick is.  Also, I will be discussing equipment with you and budget.  This area will give you good ideas of how to find good deals and what you will really need when starting.

Drum SticksDrum EquipmentDrum StretchingDrum Ergonomics
Drum Stick Guide 1Drum Equipment ExplainedWarmups and StretchesDrum Ergonomics 1
Drum Stick Guide 2Stretching and Basics

Getting Started With Basic Drum Lessons

There is a lot of useful content for beginners on Music Nuke.  This is the place to start after you have all the equipment and everything else you need to get started.  Here you will find how to hold your drum sticks to getting started with your first drum beats.  I suggest if you are at the beginning level that you take your time in this area and get a great foundation before moving on.  This will make a huge impact later down the road.

Drum BasicsLimb IndependenceCymbals BasicsDrum Technique
First Drum LessonLimb IndependenceLearning CymbalsBasic Technique
Basic Drum Beats

The Building Blocks of Drumming

One of the building blocks that most drummers will still use today for warm-up are rudiments.  These are simple patterns that are alternated from each hand.  This will help you find your rhythm and give you more confidence to learn harder drum beats.  I recommend always learning a new rudiment at a slower pace and working your way up.  Over time I will include a guide for all rudiments and link them here.  Make sure to bookmark this page!

Beginning RudimentsEasy RudimentsIntermediate RudimentsHard Rudiments
First StepEasy Rudiments 1Medium Rudiments 1


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