Spencer SmithHi guys, my name is Spencer Smith and I have been playing the drums for a little over a year and by no means am I a pro.  For the first six months of playing the drums, I went from free lesson to free lesson trying to get as much knowledge as I could.  After all the struggle, I broke down and purchased a paid subscription.  My results dramatically increased and I started to unlearn all the bad habits that I had picked up.  I still kick myself for not starting sooner learning from pro’s that have structured lessons.  Below is how I got started.

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The Difference Between Free Drum Lessons, Subscriptions, and Paid Lessons

Drum Sticks for LessonsWe are including many free lessons on this website and you will be able to access them above in order so that you can make the most out of your time.  Again though, free lessons are only so good and learning from a few teachers instead of many is crucial.  Learning good habits, in the beginning, will make a world of difference and learning from the pros is the only way.  I am still learning and am nowhere near the level of some of the professionals out there.  If you are serious about drumming then I recommend going with a paid subscription to drumeo.com and you can get a 30-day free trial and cancel when you want.  You can pick up a subscription for as low as .54 cents a day and there is a huge community of drummers that you can interact with there.  If you are still on the fence, I recommend trying a free trial.

I am personally a Drumeo subscriber and have gained so much knowledge from watching the drum lessons online.  Before I wrote a review, I wanted to make sure I had a good understanding of the program and if it was worth the monthly payment.  There are benefits and drawbacks of using Drumeo and I will outline these below.  So far I have been through most 3/4 of the training and here is what I have found:

What I like about Drumeo

Drumeo Online Lessons1. The Forums:  The forum is a great place to interact with others or ask questions about technique or anything else on your mind involving the drums.  The best part is that the forum is not open to the public so that you don’t get distracted by people that aren’t as serious as you.

2. A Free Trial:  If you are still on the fence about using a paid service, then I recommend that you give this service a 7-day free trial to see if it is even right for you.

3. The Price:  These lessons aren’t free, but it is a great price compared to getting private lessons for yourself.  For under a buck a day you can get quality lessons from professionals.

4. Availability:  You can move at your own pace and can repeat lessons as needed.

5. Live Lesson Interactions:  There are scheduled live lessons where you can bring your questions and benefit from others and their questions as well from these online music classes.  Group interaction is key for you success.

6. Members Discounts:  There are some great discounts for being a member on special products that Railroad Media releases.  Check out my full review on Drumeo edge.

What Needs Improvement With Drumeo

1. Tools and Resources:  This section needs more content added and I would expect more to be added than some of the play-a-long tracks that are offered in the section.

2. More Structure:  Something I would like to see more of is the structure for beginners to more advanced members.  Getting some private lessons may help, but if you are serious about drum training you will be able to make your way to the top.  Just make sure to learn good habits, in the beginning, to avoid unlearning bad habits in the future.

3. Advance Courses:  The material in the advance section seems like it reviews more of the basic techniques.  The material is still quality, but it will leave you wanting more when you get to the advanced level.

Who Would Benefit From Using Drumeo?

Drumeo Online Drum Lesson

If you play drums as a hobby or are just getting started then I would recommend Drumeo.  If you can afford a few private lessons with this course then that would only further your development but is not needed with these drum lessons.  Learning good habits from a music school online or private instructors will save you many hours of labor unlearning bad habits and will help with the learning curve.

Picking Up a Drum Set or Pads to Get Started With Your Lessons

Pearl Drum Set LessonsIf you are serious about becoming a drummer then I would suggest reading our drum set purchase guide and what to look for on the market.  If you have a limited budget then I recommend starting off with drum practice pads or a used drum set that you can find locally for a great price.  Once you develop your skills you can always upgrade to a better set, but getting the basics down first is essential.  To make it simple, starting off with some 5A drumsticks will work for most people.  Some of the most common that you will find are 7A, a 5A, a 5B, and a 2B.  Each type is a different size or weight and we will review each one in depth in a future article for you.

After you have you drum set in hand (or practice pad) and to keep this article to a decent size, we have decided to make a guide depending on where you are at.  You will find a beginners guide, intermediate, and advanced with step by step videos on what to do.   Each one of our guides takes you from step to step to help you become a better drummer.  Learning the drums got much easier.

Taking the First Steps to Becoming a Drummer

It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you want to start. There are many ways to become an amazing drummer even if you don’t plan on attending music school. The good news is there are free and low-cost music schools online that can get you started.  Make sure to save Music Nuke to your favorites because we will be reviewing a lot of techniques and help you get started.

Youtube Video of Drummers, Dylan Elise on the Drums: