Top 5 Tips to Find The Best Drum Stick Bag

If percussion is your game, then you understand better than anyone else just how hard it is to get a good bag for your drum stick. A drum stick bag is what a case is for a guitarist and a quiver was for Robin Hood. It is therefore super important to ensure that you invest in something that will keep your drum sticks safe while at the same time offering you convenience. Below is some information that should help you to understand what you are looking for and where to start your search for the best drumstick bag.

Best Drum Stick Bag Features To Look Out For

For a successful shopping trip, you will need to know exactly what to look out for. Below are five of the most important features and what they mean for you as a drummer.

1. Type of drum stick bag

There are many different types of drum stick and mallet bags in the market. In spite of the many variations seen with different brands, these can be summarized into two main types. The first is the basic drumstick bag. It is also referred to as the essential drum stick bag and is the most common type. It can hold up to 5 pairs of sticks, mallets, and other percussion instruments. The second is the concert drum stick bag. This carries a lot more. It is designed for pro percussionists with a lot more to work with.

2. Drum stick capacity of the bag

The drum stick capacity is usually determined by the type of bag and the brand. With the basic bag, you can expect space for between 5 and 15 pairs. With the concert bag, on the other hand, you can have up to 20 pairs depending on the brand. Your needs are what will help determine your choice. There is no need to have more space than need or to cram all your tools into one small bag.

3. Material Used

The material used varies from brand to brand. It is an important feature to consider for two main reasons. The first is for aesthetics and the second is for durability.

Picking out the perfect drum stick bag

4. Safety features for your drum sticks and mallets

A good bag should protect your mallets and drum sticks at all times. That way you don’t have to worry about chipped wood or cracked mallet heads even in the event of a sudden impact. Also, some bags feature special padding that ensures safety to the tools.

5. Fastening mechanisms on the bag

This is an important feature to look out for both for you and for your drum sticks. Most bags come with zipper fastening. However, if you land one that has both zippers and Velcro then you have found drum stick bag gold. These offer added protection to the drum sticks while allowing you to enjoy convenience and easy access.

Top 6 Drum Stick Bags

First of all, having understood what it is you are looking for while shopping for your drum stick bag, below are some of the very best in the market.

1) Chroma Cast CC-SPB-BAG Drum Stick Bag

Drum stick capacity and extra storage

The Chroma Cast stick bag can carry up to 12 pairs of standard wooden drum sticks or up 10 ten pairs of mallets. The bag also features two interior pockets for extra storage of anything from your cell phone to drum set tuning keys.


This bag is a combination of nylon and canvas material. The nylon makes it light and very easy to carry around. It also makes laundering the item a walk in the part. The canvas on the other hand contributes by offering strength. This ensures durability even when used continuously for a long time.

Safety and fastening features

This happens to be one of those special bags with both Velcro and zipper fastening. This ensures that your drum sticks are safe and that you can easily access them even while on stage.

Other features

It also features a soft and padded handle making it easy to carry around.

2) Tackle By McPherson Waxed Compact Stick Bag

Drum stick capacity

It can comfortably accommodate 3 or 4 pairs of drum sticks making it suitable when you don’t need to carry a lot with you. It also features extra pockets for you to store your personal items.


Where this bag lacks in space it makes up for in aesthetics. It has a cool envelop design with a convenient top handle for easy carrying. It is available in olive green color making it one heck of a head turner.


The bag is a blend of leather, cotton and canvas. The leather is on the fastening lace strings and offers both functionality and aesthetics. The cotton is featured inside the bag as the drum stick slots and the extra pockets. Finally, the canvas covers the exterior part of the bag for strength and protection of the cargo.

Safety and fastening features

The bag features a lace string fastening mechanism. This is easy to use and also happens to look really classy and elegant.

3) Meinl Percussion Standard Drum stick/Mallet Bag

Drum stick capacity

Compared to other drum stick case on the list, this is one of the largest. It can carry 8 pairs of drum sticks, 4 pairs of mallets and up to 4 drum brush sets at the same time.


It has the basic two-fold wallet design which allows you to maximize on the space available. The pockets inside are uniquely adapted with different compartments to fit different percussion instruments for safety and proper organization. That way, you don’t have to cram your large mallets into a slot meant for standard drum sticks.


The bag is made of heavy-duty nylon material. This way, in spite of the large capacity you don’t have to worry about being weighed down by heavy luggage even when the bag is full.

Safety and fastening features

It features a strong zipper that allows easy and fast access to the tools.

4) Stag DS04 Nylon Drum Stick Bag

Drum stick capacity

It can fit up to 7 pairs of drum sticks. It also has extra pockets on the exterior for the best storage of personal items like keys and cell phones.


It is made from reinforced nylon offering strength, durability, and lightweight convenience.

Safety and fastening features

For the safety of the drumsticks, the bag features deep slots. These ensure that you don’t have to worry about things like drum sticks slipping out. It also features double zippers for fastening.

5) On Stage DA 100Drum Stick Holder

Drum stick capacity

This can comfortably hold up to 8 pairs of drum sticks.


Strictly speaking, this is more of a drum stick holder than a drumstick bag. However, it does come in really handy while on stage. It takes the form of an open cylinder with mounting clamps that allow attachment to your drum set stands. This ensures easy access on stage in case you break or drop one of your sticks.


It is made from steel reinforces Neoprene that makes it stiff and strong.

Safety and fastening features

The product doesn’t feature any fastening mechanisms on account of its open cylinder design. However, the depth of the holder ensures that your drum sticks are safe at all times and will not go falling out.

6) JC Drum Sticks Bag

Drum stick capacity

It is designed to fit up to 5 pairs of drum sticks.

Safety, Design, and material

It features special nylon cordura construction that protects the drum sticks for percussion from exposure and damage by elements including humidity and wind. It is also specially padded for protection of the sticks from impact damage.

Bottom line

It is safe to say that you have all you need to make the right decisions while shopping for your drum stick back. So whether you are a new bee in the art of percussion or you are practically a maestro looking for an upgrade, you have all the information that you need.

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