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What is Your “Weak” Limb and How Can It Improve Drumming?

When I was in school I started seeing issues with my left hand. If I could described the problem in words, I would say that i had a “hickup” in my left arm. Even at slow speeds my left hand lacked the smoothness and evenness of my dominant hand, which made my strokes sound clunky and uneven. On a journey to repair this issue I began focusing on left hand with heavy workouts and was over-critical on what my left hand was performing. All of this was just the beginning to correct my weak hand, however it wasn’t till I came towards the realization that thinking outside the box was required to get the outcomes that I was aiming for.

Develop Your Weak Hand Or Limb for DrummingWhat ever the level your strongest limbs are at, your drumming will decline significantly in the event you neglect the weakest ones. You see, you are as quick and controlled as your weakest limbs. The more you focus on developing your weaker hand and weaker foot, the much more control and speed you will obtain. This may not just reflect in your ability with these limbs but additionally in your drumming all together. This free drum lesson online was designed to focus on exercises that will help you develop your week limb. This video will discuss 5 sensible applications that you can use with the drum set or on a practice pad.

It is well-known that we humans show an innate preference for 1 side of our physical body. This implies that the limbs on the dominant side are utilized much more frequently and predominantly than the ones on the other side. While having a dominant side has served us in the working world, when it comes to drumming it is a whole different story. Without development this results in lack of smoothness, strength, and coordination. To overcome this hindrance you’ve to begin utilizing your weakest limbs much more frequently, not just inside your drumming but in your day-to-day activities. Brushing your teeth, opening doors, and writing-if you are truly hardcore. It may seem incredibly simple, but start using your weaker limb whenever you get a chance.

Right-handed drummers frequently have difficulty with their left hand, whilst left-handed drummers have difficulty with their right. This week, I show you how the pros create their weak hands on and off the drum set. As soon as you are able to have equal coordination and capability from all limbs, you are just one step closer to becoming a pro drummer.

So we have mentioned already that you need to start using your “weak” hand for everything outside of training. This assists develop muscle memory inside your weaker hand, which assists in playing the drums.

Developing Your Weak Hand Exercise

For the following step, you will require a metronome and either a pad or drum set. You want to use a metronome to keep every beat from the specific pace or tempo in a set. If you do not have a metronome then go on Youtube to look up the specific rate you want to play at. You can choose the tempo for the exercise below. Practicing having a metronome not just assists create your sense of tempo, but this will be the very best method to judge your progress as you develop strength and speed inside your “weak” hand.

The very first physical exercise (see the Eighth Note Study beneath) develops your weak hand via the usage of numerous sticking patterns. You will find that these exercises will work both limbs together to get your chops into shape in no time. This really is so you are able to develop up your weak hand, whilst maintaining your powerful one.

Weak Hand Drum Exercise

Whenever you are starting out with an exercise, make use of the slowest recommended metronome setting. Then, whenever you start feeling good, steadily improve the tempo.  Attempt to help keep your fingers, hands, and arms relaxed whenever you play. Tensing the muscle tissues slows you down, and you will by no means have the ability to attain the quickest recommended metronome settings.  Right here are 5 significant points to watch whilst practicing the guide beneath:

One. Stay loose and relaxed all the time
Two. Set your metronome to a pace that you can maintain
Three. Don’t improve the tempo till you are able to play the physical exercise with ease
Four. Play every physical exercise evenly
Five. Make certain you’re playing in the exact same volume with every stick

I am naturally right-handed, however I am as good at drumming with my left hand as with my dominant hand. By practicing the prior workouts correctly, and favoring your “weak” hand when performing your non-drumming tasks as explained above, you will quickly have the ability to create the same dexterity in both limbs. It is simple. All it requires is some normal practice.

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