Picking The Best Drum Sticks for Metal

As a drummer, you tend to play a wide variety of instruments, just like a painter uses a variety of brushes and tools in his/her arsenal. You should employ various kinds of sticks to get different effects. Like other things in the musical castle, knowing how to select the best drumsticks is something that needs a bit of knowledge. Each type of stick has a code that describes it, but the question remains, which stick will suit your playing style? Remember all sticks are not equal, thus if you pick the sticks incorrectly, it will be like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. In this article, we have discussed the best drum sticks for metal, different kinds of drumsticks, and materials, and their applications. This guide will give you more knowledge about the best drumsticks for metal that will suit your arsenal.

Picking the Right Materials

Wood is the most common material that is used to make a drumstick, but different kinds of wood have various heights of durability and response. Oak and hickory are known to be dense, hardwoods that re very hefty and long lasting (durable), and most of all, they can withstand heavy force. Oak sticks do not break that much, but you tend to feel the vibrations a lot more due to poor absorption of energy.

Another type of wood is maple. Maple is known to be lighter and has excellent flexibility thus offering more flex, but it is less durable. When using maple sticks, you will fill less of the hit in your hands since maple is the best for energy absorption.

Other types of drums sticks that are very popular are aluminum and graphite sticks, they rarely break. If the stick you are selecting does not say what wood it is made of, back away, this means that the stick made of blended wood thus not a standard stick to using.

Size of a drumstick

Once you learn about different types of wood that makes a drumstick, you need to find the perfect size that will suit your need. Different manufacturers code their sticks differently but they are very similar, and they follow a pattern. There are three main categories of drumsticks, and they include;
1. 7a
7a drum is known to be smaller and thinner. They are more lightweight thus offering softer sound when playing the drums. They work best for young drummers, or jazz drumming.

2. 5a
5a drumsticks are the most common kind of drumstick. They have a medium thickness thus allowing a loud and softer sound on your drums. They are commonly used for rock drumming, but you can use them for just any type of drumming.

3. 2a and 5b
These types of drumsticks are known to be much heavier that the other two kinds of sticks. As a result, 2a and 5b pack much more power thus allowing for louder sound when you drum. They are ideal for heavy rock.

Types of drumsticks

The following are the best drum sticks for metal, and they are based on criteria including their feel, production of sound, durability, and affordability.

Vic Firth
Vic Firth has a hickory drum sticks which are designed for a much fuller and more pronounced sound. The best brand is Vic Firth’s Extreme 55A is a combination of a 5a and 5b, with enough thickness for playing a metal music. Vic Firth’s Extreme 55A are 16.5 long for additional volume. They are very light thus has a great feel for fast playing.

Metal Drummers Stick Guide

Vater Percussion power 5A drumsticks are thicker and have a thick and solid feel in hand. The round tips of Vater Percussion 5A cut through the cymbals thus produces a more acute attack than drum sticks with oval tips. They are versatile enough that you can use them to play other genres of music.

Vater Percussion 1A drumsticks are 17 long which is well balanced thus does not feel heavy at the top. They feel similar to 5B, but they produce much volume with less effort. Even if Vater 1A feel substantial in hand, they are still good enough for fast playing.


Promark Hickory 747 rock drumsticks are great for metal music. They are fast and produce a loud sound, and they are durable compared to other brands. They feel very light on hand providing much volume.


AHEAD fat beat 5A drumsticks are the best sticks for playing metal drums consistently without breaking them. These sticks feel much different because they do not have a natural bounce. They feel very light in hand thus less effort on the drum, but much volume. AHEAD fat beat 5A drumsticks are thinner compared to other sticks. When using them frequently, it is hard for them to break, you can bend but they feature replaceable tips made of plastic, and the shafts are wrapped with a plastic cover. AHEAD fat beat 5A drumsticks are the best for playing metal music.

Now you have gained a bit of knowledge about the best drum sticks for metal; you can go and search a drumstick for your target sound and feel the music.

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