Real Drumeo Edge Drum Lessons Course Review

For all those that are so passionate about playing drums and you would like to consider drum lessons, here is a golden opportunity for you. Right now Drumeo Edge is offering a free trial for 30 days and a low monthly subscription. This may not last forever and is worth trying.

For the longest time, I started like everyone else learning from free videos and free online lessons. I finally paid the subscription and my skill set dramatically increased. For about a buck a day I will never turn back.

Why You Should Give Drumeo Edge a Try

Drumeo Edge Free TrialToday, there are not so many drum lessons online apart from a number of videos on YouTube that show you most professional drummers doing their thing and you keep on wondering how you can play like them!

Here is a golden chance that is going to be not only worth your money but it is going to take your skills in drumming to another level. Just like I have mentioned the fact that there are not that many serious drum lessons online, I recently stumbled upon one online drum lessons course that I did not hesitate to subscribe to when I found them.

I had to give it a try as I was desperate to understand more and take my skills to the next level as someone who is so passionate about drums. This online course blew me away as this review is for those who are as passionate about drums like me and you would like to develop your skills. It is an honest review from someone who has bought and used all the available options in these lessons.

Check Out Drumeo’s Free Trial While It Lasts!

What You Get In Drumeo Edge Lessons

This online course is called Drumeo Edge. Drumeo Edge is made up of serious drum lessons that come in a real-time and well-organized archive of video lessons. The total number of these videos runs for a minimum of 1 hours each with over 25 experienced teachers showing you how it is all done.  The price of this drum lessons class is amazing. I was surprised when I happened to pay only $29.95/month. This is a very little sum as compared to what the lessons offer and a cheaper option when you happen to go for private lessons.

Let me even go deeper and tell you why this course will be exciting for all those who want to study in details and I will give you the reason as to why your $29,95 is just peanuts to this course.  Drumeo Edge rating: I would give it a 97/100. This is because the Drumeo Edge subscription totals to a very deep number of stored lessons as well as the fact that you will get at least 6-8 very new live lessons every new week!!!

The whole site at large is very exciting and it gives you the guts that you need to go on if you are a fun of playing drums.  I was surprised when I found out that each of their 20 teachers provides absolute value, adding more to your expertise and knowledge as well as the fact that you are free to post any question that they will answer within a few hours or sometimes through a live chat.

The Pros About Drumeo Edge:

  • They definitely guarantee your money back in 90 days with 100% full amount.
  • You get to have real live lessons from the trainers with live chat.
  • You access and learn the course from any device: laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • There are more than 100 video lessons covering all types of skills at all levels.
  • This course is very less expensive as compared to hiring a private lesson.
  • There are more than 20 instructors who are highly experienced in this field.-you get real live support (email, phone, chat, and forum) 24 hours 7 days a week.

Some Of The Major Cons Are:

  • This course requires a computer and an internet connection.
  • This course requires a monthly subscription.
  • The lessons are very long, usually about 1 and half hours each.

In What Format Are The lesson?

A professional instructor/teacher starts by playing out an example of the lessons particular topic for that day for about 30 minutes. This is done for a few minutes and then when he is done, they happen to discuss the topic with any updates regarding the topic. Right after 35 minutes, they dive into your “homework” for that lesson.

They will also show you different camera angles as they are playing as well as the music notes they are playing for that particular lesson for you to follow along if possible. They will show you the ball bouncing technique called SmartBeat. It is extremely very nice and useful if you want to watch how hands, feet, and music go together.

Drumeo Headquarters

The Instructors And Styles In Drumeo Edge

Under the watchful eye of a moderated assistant, each and every lesson in this course is taught by one of the 20 qualified instructors. Each of these instructors has their own specialties, experience, and strength. This is very advantageous because it gives this course diversity in every aspect of drumming. Whether you are a beginner, intermediary or advanced drummer, there is space for you in this subscription for any style of play.

There is also an option to select your level of play and choose the right lessons that fit you according to your level of understanding and playing drums. Example; if you are a beginner, you filter your lessons in order not to be confused with lessons for the advanced students even though it is nice to watch these videos as well just for the sake of inspiration and imagination.

Full Free Drumeo Edge Drum Lesson with Tony Royster:

One of my favorite lessons is lesson 112-“Introduction to Blast Beats” this is a personal favorite of mine. Listed below is a small example of lessons you will find in this course Drumeo Edge in the member’s area:

In Lesson: 149-Funk drumming for beginners.
In Lesson: 79-Developing Speed Around The Kit.
In Lesson: 33-Drum And Bass. ‘
In Lesson: 69-Broken Up Hi-Hat Beats.
In Lesson: 13-Single Stroke Roll Speed.

My Personal Conclusion of Drumeo Edge

You can get the free trial of Drumeo Edge here.  Out of the sheer fact that I have access to this course, there is no doubt that the lessons are high quality; the videos are in HD as this is what you will be exactly looking for. For any serious student, I predict that this course will be one of those courses that you cannot miss to take a look at. Drumeo Edge is going to offer the best value for money as it has all the motivation that you need and fact that you going to be in good hands as the pros will be taking you by the hand.

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  3. Drum set tips for beginners.


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