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Finding the Right Music Teacher

Videos on How To Pick Drumsticks

I have been getting a lot of questions about drum sticks and what works for that individual.  It is so hard for me to answer that question because it varies based on the drummer.  There are so many different drumsticks out there …
How to play the single stroke four rudiment

Learn to Play the Single Stroke Four Rudiment

The single stroke four is a straightforward rudiment in accordance with the easier single stroke pattern. Instead of continuous singles, the single stroke four is played as groups of four notes. That is the primary difference. It’s easy solo patterns, hand and …
Finding the Right Music Teacher

How to Find The Perfect Music Instructor

Locating the ideal teacher for any instrument is essential. Consider it a good investment in oneself, given that you can wind up investing considerable time (and cash) for your love for music. You require a trainer which will give you support and …