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Wrapping your drum sticks with tape

Finding The Best Tape for Your Drumsticks

All the interaction in a drumming set happens through your drumstick, and therefore feeling at ease with the stick is important. Drumsticks slowly wear and tear. Maintenance requires a lot of care during practice and performance. This trickles down to having a …
Ultimate Drummers Guide and Videos

Ultimate Drummers Guides and Videos

As I make more and more articles for this website, I realize I really don’t have a good starting place for drummers.  So, this article will be more of a living document that I will add to over time and put more …
How to play the single stroke four rudiment

Learn to Play the Single Stroke Four Rudiment

The single stroke four is a straightforward rudiment in accordance with the easier single stroke pattern. Instead of continuous singles, the single stroke four is played as groups of four notes. That is the primary difference. It’s easy solo patterns, hand and …